- My experience at Body&Fit

I joined Body&Fit at the end of the summer in 2021, marking a significant milestone as my first job abroad after moving from Portugal to the Netherlands during the Covid pandemic. In the Creative team, we worked on a rebranding project to give Body&Fit a fresh look, actively reshaping the brand's image.

In this dynamic environment, my role centered around implementing Body&Fit's new motion graphics guidelines. This involved creating diverse digital assets, including newsletters, landing pages, social media content, and web ads. I also took on the responsibility of producing informative explainer videos for daily online communication

My responsibilities extended to the production of informative explainer videos for daily online communication. Additionally, I played a key role in overseeing and directing Dutch influencers for the launch of new products, like BF10, Vegan Protein, and Whey Essential products. This experience not only allowed me to contribute to the company's visual identity but also provided me with valuable exposure to international work dynamics and the intricacies of managing diverse projects in the field of motion design.

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