Medicare Shapes and Logo animations

At Medicare, I led the creation of detailed motion brand guidelines. This involved setting rules for the shapes movements and Medicare's main logo.

Newsletters and Landing pages for internal communication purposes

At Medicare Portugal, I held the responsibility of creating internal communication assets. One notable project was Wecare, designed for the HR department. Its objectives included fostering collaboration between teams and departments, integrating children into video calls during the Covid period, and encouraging employee participation in internal company contests. Newsletters were coded using HTML and CSS/Tailwind, while illustrations in the hero section were animated in a loop.

Medicare Landing Pages - Partnerships and Blog

These templates were designed to bolster the blog and article sections, providing support and functionality for a seamless browsing experience.


Medicare Videos

Explainer videos for Medicare FAQs and "Plano de Saúde Silver Familiar"

Medicare Instagram Feed

Medicare's strategy for their Instagram account is to refresh the feed yearly. They achieve this by using square post formats to create a cohesive composition, showcasing their best products, services, and company awards.